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Noah Brown brings a long tradition in distilling and spirits production to creating some of the world’s finest whiskeys and bitters at the Sazerac House distillery.

In his role as Distillery Operations Manager, Noah leads a team of distillery operators that ferment, distill, barrel, and bottle Sazerac Rye and Peychaud’s bitters at the Sazerac House. Noah is also actively involved in the customer experience at the Sazerac House and enjoys engaging with visitors and teaching them what makes Sazerac Rye a staple in everyone’s bar.

Prior to joining the Sazerac family, Noah was the Head Distiller of a distillery in Lexington, KY where he focused on rum, moonshine, and whiskey production before moving to Hawaii to help launch a farm-to-bottle distillery focused on Rhum Agricole-styled spirits. Noah has a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Kentucky as well as several spirits certifications.

Here’s to always having a good drink and a better story.