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A Toast to Heroes: Famous Military Men and Their Favorite Drinks

Memorial Day, a time to remember and honor the brave men and women who gave their lives in service of our country. In addition to their bravery on the battlefield, some of our most famous military men also had a favorite drink or an interesting story around their favorite cocktails.

As we head out to our own Memorial Day celebrations, we thought it appropriate to share some of the cocktails our famous fighting men called their own.

George S. Patton, the legendary U.S. Army general, was said to have poured a cocktail of his own creation proudly dubbed, “Armored Diesel.” These days, the recipe is generally agreed to contain Bourbon, shaved ice, sugar, and lemon juice, but contemporaries of his time report that he was just as likely to use whiskey, Scotch, or even wine in his creation – whatever happened to be on hand at the time.

Douglas MacArthur, another famous U.S. Army general, was said to be a fan of sipping Scotch whiskey, but in the first few months after Pearl Harbor, MacArthur’s leadership and heroism brought such an outpouring of support and adoration that the Pierre Hotel in New York named a drink after him. First mentioned by famous newspaperman Walter Winchell, The MacArthur cocktail, created by legendary barman Oscar Haimo, contained white rum, a little dark rum, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and a bit of egg white to “give it a silky texture.”

Other famous military men with a favorite drink include John F. Kennedy, who enjoyed Daiquiris and martinis, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, who liked a good Scotch and soda. While not technically a military man himself, Ernest Hemingway, who famously covered conflicts in World War II and the Spanish Civil War as a journalist, enjoyed Mojitos and Daiquiris while living in Cuba.

These military men and their favorite drinks remind us that even in the midst of war and conflict, there is still room for enjoyment and celebration. As we pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we raise a glass to their memory and honor their legacy this Memorial Day.


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